Stay free of germs and bacteria with our new portable UV-C sterilizer. Equipped with two large lamps for a full 360 disinfecting result. Our product does not use any liquids, heat, or chemicals, so it is safe to disinfect all items placed in it. With a push of a button, your personal items like cellphones, jewelry, glasses, masks, keys, earbuds, and more can be cleaned in just a few minutes. Comes with easy to read progress LED indicators so you know when your items are ready and cleaned. A 99.99% sterilization rate guarantees a healthier lifestyle. Includes an aromatherapy feature so you can relax while you work. Just add an oil-based incense and press the aromatherapy button. As an added bonus, the sterilizer comes with a 5V/2A USB output port so it can charge external devices.

Suitable for phones up to 6.5 inches and small items such as earbuds, masks, jewelry, keys, glasses, and more.
Equipped with an Aromatherapy humidifier to put essential oils to enjoy a wonderful and clean environment.
Charge external devices using the USB output.
Input: 5V/2A
UV Lamp: 2W Max UVC
USB Output: 5V/2A Max
Frequency: 100-205kHz
Material: ABS
Aromatherapy Power: 1W
UV Wavelength: 275-280nm
Exterior Dimensions: 225 x 125 x 50mm
Interior Dimensions: 180 x 100 x 30mm
Disinfection Power: 5W