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You can answer phone, take pictures and use the touch screen while cell phone is in the pouch. It is perfect for protecting cell phone while going to the beach, canoeing, kayaking, camping or fishing. Snap and lock closed and put the nylon strap for convenient carrying around neck.

Can fit Cellular phone up to 6.3” long (160mm) and 3.15” wide (80mm).
Total External Pouch size: 7.1” x 4.15” (180mm x 105mm).
Waterproof grade: IPX8 grade, under water 10m waterproof.
Check properly impermeability of pouch and check clips before each use.
Do not expose under the sun for a long time.
Sudden change of temperature may cause humidity inside the pouch.
If mud, dirt or sand is found, wash it with clean water and dry out totally.
Pouch Material: PVC.