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Notice to User: This webpage list associates’ products and Patent Assets and is posted on the Internet to provide notice to the public of the Patent Assets listed. This webpage and list is provided in compliance with the virtual patent marking provisions of 35 U.S.C. §287. To find Patent Assets on this list, locate the model’s name or number of the corresponding product and search for it on the list. Some products may not be associated with a corresponding Patent Asset.  Likewise, some Patent Assets listed above are not associated with a corresponding product.  The patent process is dynamic and the content of this list and association between products and Patent Assets may change due to events including, but not limited to filing, publication, issuance, licensing, product changes, expiration, abandonment, and other circumstances. The content of this list is updated from time to time but may not be up to date at the specific time you visit this link. Patent applications may be pending or published, and patents may have issued in the United States and elsewhere which are not identified on this list. Efforts will be made to keep this webpage active, although maintenance or other events may result in temporary unavailability. This list and webpage is not all inclusive and other products not listed here may be associated with one or more Patent Assets.  The absence of any Patent Asset from this list and webpage does not prevent enforcement of all legal rights associated with any given Patent Asset.  ARGOM Tech and its Trade Partners hereby expressly reserve all rights in and to any and all Patent Assets, whether listed here or otherwise.
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If you wish to obtain more information regarding the specific Patent Assets that may cover a particular product, please send a complete, written request via e-mail to setting forth your full name, the name of the company you are acting on behalf, title/role with such company, your mailing address, and telephone number along with an identification of the product and/or Patent Assets in question.