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Optimize your possibilities with ARG-UB-0088 offering you four (4) extra USB2.0 ports and a pocket-size, high-speed and simple plug-and-play solution. It is also a convenient desktop computer and laptop accessory for you to connect additional USB devices at once. This USB Hub can be used to plug-in cameras, card readers, keyboards, mice, MP3 players, and other handled USB devices. The ARG-UB-0088 is also self-powered, which means it comes with an independent power supply to support power-hungry USB devices such as external hard drives and USB-powered scanners.

Use four USB devices at the same time with this hub. This includes mouse, keyboard, printer, webcams, and other USB peripherals.
Supports both high-speed and low-speed data transfer rates.
Supports USB 2.0 and 1.1, up to 480Mbps.
Compatible with Windows and Mac OS.
Power status LED included.
Size: 68*40*11mm with 60cm cable.